Our Dogs

Ghost is a 2 year old German Shepherd who has successfully obtained her BH in 2021 with overall best BH. Ghost is now working towards her IGP1.

Handler: Kylie

Haveloc Midnight Express (Haveloc Ziska x Haveloc Bryx), is a 2.5yrs old, Black German Shepherd from Haveloc Kennels.
Our goal is IGP titles, starting in 2021 with 
successfully obtaining our BH.

Handler: Matt

Bronson is a 4 year old German Shepherd who has successfully obtained his IGP3 in 2021 with high in trial. Bronson is now working towards nationals 


Handler: Garry

Ragnar is a German Shepherd who is working towards his IGP1.

Handler: Paul


I'm Breeze and have a white Swiss shepherd call Jetaime (aka Jet) 

We are currently working towards our BH with our ultimate goal to be the first white Swiss shepherd titled in IGP in Australia.

Handler: Breeze


Kenzie is a German Shepherd who is working towards her IGP1.

Handler: Wendy


Dexter was a much-expected dog, as I was looking for an "IGP" dog for quite some time. When I got him, he was 10 weeks old and the training started straight away. At the early stages of learning, most of the training was done with food and I trained him once a day every day. Mostly obedience. Protection and tracking sessions took place once a week. 


As he advanced in training, the toy reward (ball) was introduced and that took the training to a new level. Overall, Dexter has always been a very happy dog training for the ball, as he showed very strong drive for the toy. That made him strive in his training. He's a young dog, with all IGP career ahead of him, but I'm proud of us in achieving our first IGP title at 18 months of age, the BH, late 2020 at Brisbane Dog Sporting Club trial. 


Dexter and I are training hard to achieve IGP 1 ASAP.

Handler: Rod


Kaiser and I were late starters into IGP, Never too old to have fun. At 18 months old from the backyard to the training field and never looked back. After many late nights and early morning we took out Best BH at the Nationals 2 years ago under an International judge from Germany.
Thank to Paul and Garry and a great bunch at out club.

Handler: Ty


Stolas is a 1 year old Amstaff who is working towards his BH. He is a fun little dog who gives everything a go.

I chose Amstaffs because I find them to be a highly versatile all round dogs, they can be highly athletic and energetic yet in-tune and focused on their handler. I believe Amstaffs make great sporting and working dogs and are often poorly represented which is why we decided to take on IGP to represent the amount of control the breed is capable of.

Handler: Sahara

Lyker has been challenging and the most fun to train. She has also been training in agility, Scent work and tricks. She has completed her BH in 2021 and is now in training for IGP 1.

Handler: Tracey

Echo is a  7month old Malinois who is working towards her BH. She is sassy ball of energy that gives everything a go.

Handler: Lisa

Astrid is a fiery little Amstaff who puts her all into everything she does. She spent the first couple of years of her life as a hunting dog and recently found IGP obedience and tracking to be a great outlet for her mental and physical energy. Ryan and Astrid are working towards their BH.

Handler: Ryan


Peco is a German Shepherd who successfully obtained an IPO3 (National Champion) in 2014  at the age of 5.

Handler: Garry


Crazy is a  German Shepherd who successfully obtained IPO3 (National Champion) at the age of 6 in 2017.

Handler: Garry


Czar a 6 year old Dobermann who successfully obtained a BH in 2009.

Handler: Garry