Training Director

Garry Pitt

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I started in IGP (IPO) 15 years ago with my 14 year old son Matthew. We both had Dobermann’s that were from show lines & quickly found out we needed a working line breed to really succeed in the sport.

We did our BH’s with the Dobermann’s & then went to working line German Shepherds.

Now the fun & work involved in the 3 phases of the sport started to happen.

BSDC has the approach that not all dogs are trained the same way as there are many variations to get your result but also some ways do not change as they have been proven. 

Being open and  flexible with the methods is important. I believe to get the foundation with your dog first, as you are a team, you do everything for it and it respects you and becomes totally dependent on you. In saying this it still can be sociable with other people & other dogs. I have trained 2 GSD’s to IPO3 (a dog and a bitch) and l am now onto my 3rd as he has his IGP2. I have had high results with my dogs but this only comes with the support of your team members, it is you and your dog out on the trial field but your spotters (members) help you get there.

The 3 phases of Tracking, Obedience and Character Assessment is a challenge in it’s self as we ask the dog to behave differently in each phase.

This sport is a real commitment as it is not easy to achieve all 3, it’s often said it’s a way of life & a sport.

BSDC’s aim is to get people on to the trial field. We ask for that commitment as it is a very time-consuming sport.

Garry Pitt

BSDC- Training Director